Eric Van Dornshuld

Eric Van Dornshuld

Assistant Clinical Professor

Department of Chemistry

Mississippi State University

I am a computational chemist with a wide variety of research interests. I was trained under the direction of Prof. Gregory S. Tschumper and have adopted the mantra of “getting the right answer for the right reason”. Consequently, I enjoy finding small molecule systems I can apply accurate, convergent quantum chemistry methods to. I get especially excited when common and relatively inexpensive methodologies (such as density functional approximations) give qualitatively incorrect results. I am also the faculty advisor to the Mississippi State Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS), MSU Esports, and ChiChiSigma. We do lots of fun stuff.

  • Computational chemistry
  • Teaching
  • Course/curriculum development
  • MSU Esports
  • PhD in Computational Chemistry, 2014

    University of Mississippi

  • BS in Chemistry, 2009

    University of North Florida

Recent Publications