Chemistry II


Note: The notes on this website have been compiled into the new Handbook. The content on the site (below) will be deprecated by 2023.

Lecture Slides, Videos, and Notes (by Chapter)


Practice problems are broken down by chapter and topic. Each topic has a brief introduction, practice problems, and timed assessments. This site is designed to present a structured approach to practice. To approach mastery, you should:

  1. Attend/watch lecture and take notes
  2. Read the topic
  3. Try the practice problems with your notes and textbook
  4. Attempt the timed assessments without any aids (except a calculator)!

Timed Assessments

This course presents the “Timed Assessment Series” (TAS). Each timed assessment presents three similar problems in a row. Each question has a time limit and the time limit reduces with each successive question. If you have problems finishing a question in the allotted amount of time, pause the video and review the material and practice problems. Once this is done, return to the timed assessment and try again.

Attempt timed assignments without any notes, books, etc.! Treat these as you would a real exam. Only have paper, pencil, and a calculator!

You can check your answers to each timed assessment by clicking the link in the video description on YouTube. This will return you to the spot where the answers are posted.


My course uses the OpenStax Chemistry II textbook from Rice University. It is available in an online format as well as a PDF.