Live Exams

Live exams is a term that refers to exams given in a synchronous, online manner. The main concept of a live exam is a time allotment that is given to each question rather than a time allotment that is given to an entire exam.

A live exam will require two windows, one window for each of the following:

  1. Canvas LMS
  2. The live exam video

You will have to manage switching between both windows while taking an exam.

One non-negotiable requirement to successfully take an online exam is to have reliable, stable internet. Additionally, be sure to take steps to ensure that your exam experience is uninterrupted including, but not limited to:

  1. Finding a quiet location to take the exam
  2. Plugging in a laptop or other device to ensure you do not run out of battery power during an exam
  3. Using a wired, ethernet connect as opposed to Wi-Fi (which may be spontaneously unreliable)

Allowed materials during a live exam include:

  1. Paper
  2. Pencil
  3. Calculator
  4. Any linked resource from within the exam
  5. MSU ID
  6. Camera

All syllabus instructions regarding exams are in full effect.

Fun. Exam vs Regular Exams

Fun. Exam Regular Exam
Asynchronous Synchronous
Delivery platform: YouTube Delivery platform: Other
Bonus Not bonus
Unlimited attempts One attempt
Offered across a 7-day window Offered on exam night within the allotted time
No Post Exam Assignment (PEA) Will have a required Post Exam Assignment (PEA)

Post Exam Assignments (PEA)

These must be completed at the conclusion of a regular exam. There is a limited window to complete the PEA. Failure to complete the PEA on-time or not completing the PEA according to the directions will result in an automatic zero for the corresponding exam. Consider the PEA to be a required part of the regular exam.

Regarding Canvas

Canvas will be finicky. Regardless of what Canvas says, as long as you took your apprpriately assigned exam, you will be fine. It is very likely that I will have compile, process, and manully post your “final” scores to the gradebook following an exam to help eliminate any confusion.

How to Find Your Exam

Note: Taking the wrong exam (i.e. the exam that was not assgined to you) will result in a zero for the exam. Please take care to follow the directions below that explain how to reach your exams in this class. I will be using the “Fun. Exam” for this example.

All your exams will be assigned to you via an Assignment. Go to the Assignments tab located on the sidebar in Canvas.

Once inside, you will see a few lists. All exams will be administered via an Assignment under the Assignments box. I have grouped things you are not to click on (since you wouldn’t know which one to click!) under a section entitled “DO NOT CLICK - OPENED THROUGH ASSIGNMENTS”. For the Fun. Exam, you would click the Assignment entitled “Fun. Exam”.

Once you open the Assignment, you will see information regarding the exam inside including a link to your exam. Read the instructions and when you are ready, click the link to your exam (here entitled “Fun. Exam”.)

Once you open your exam (via the Assignment), click the “Take the Quiz” button located at the bottom. You are now taking the your assigned exam!