Comprehensive Exam Feedback

Responses to the following questions were provided by the 2022 Spring Chemistry II classes.

What should I focus my study on more? Lecture notes, textbook, Homework Exams, Canvas Exams, etc.?

  • HW Exams
  • To properly study, you must make sure that your study and review what’s covered in lecture when lecture is over. Make sure to do plenty of practice problems. I would say focus on lecture notes for concepts and for practice, use canvas exams and homework exams.
  • Canvas exams (especially the recap ones) and homework exams. If you miss one, review the lecture notes to figure out why and focus on studying that.
  • Lecture notes and Canvas Exams were the best help
  • Canvas Exams and the extra problems on his website were most helpful.
  • Homework and Canvas Exams are WONDERFUL examples and practice that you can always go back and redo
  • Homework exams could’ve been gone over more, because I think that would’ve better prepared me for the exam.
  • Lecture Notes
  • Canvas Exams are a wonderful tool. The answers are not always multiple choice, so you can’t just click every option and eventually get it right. The website was great for more practice problems as well as notes.
  • Focus on concepts that future chapters build off us, like concentration, units of measurement i.e. molarity, and colligative properties.
  • [person linked to a YouTube channel]
  • HW exams
  • Canvas Exams, they are usually short, but some of them throw me for a loop.

What percent of the exam is conceptual vs. math?

  • 50/50 - I wish it was more math based
  • It’s my opinion that about 60% of the exam is concept and the other 40% is math. Make sure that you know both to succeed. Even though this is a math heavy class, you must understand the concepts to apply the math.
  • 50/50
  • I would say it’s about 60/40 more math from what I can remember.
  • 50/50 - I thought it was pretty even
  • 50/50 concepts and math went hand-in-hand
  • I would say it was 70% conceptual/ 30% math which I liked because it made me understand the chemistry rather than plugging in numbers to a formula.
  • 80/20 (if you know the concepts, 80% of the material can be reasoned through)
  • It is more conceptual to me, but only because you have to understand the concepts to even use the math. Therefore, it is about 70% conceptual.
  • The exam is probably 70% mass, 30% conceptual.
  • Mainly math
  • 20% conceptual/ 80% math
  • 30/70 in my opinion, there were some conceptual, but you had to plug in most of your work into something.

What chapter(s) should I focus on the most?

  • 14-16
  • I believe in the future you should focus on equilibrium, acid-base, and kinetics. Those topics, in my opinion, were the hardest to grasp and it’s integrated in most other chapters.
  • 11-14
  • Pretty much all of them that are gone over in my opinion
  • 11-14 mainly
  • All of them
  • I would say chapter 16.
  • Chapter 10, because everyone forgets it towards the end of the semester.
  • Chapter 14 is very dense, so spending more time on it would help you become more comfortable with it as a whole.
  • What you need to focus on most is any chapter you struggle in, as each one goes hand in hand to a degree.
  • All of them
  • 13-15
  • Honestly for me, it was anything with graphical data and ch. 17

If I review my notes, will that be enough for preparing for this exam?

  • No, need to go over canvas exams as well
  • No, reviewing notes is not enough to do well in this course. You have to do practice problems and review notes only to nail down concepts that you may be unfamiliar with.
  • Nope, go to SI, pick out random problems from hw exams. I redid every single canvas exam the week of the comp exam, and that helped a lot.
  • Depends. If you study a lot throughout the semester and know a lot going into it, it might be alright, but I didn’t study a lot over the course of it, so just reviewing my notes wouldn’t have helped a lot. Do the practice problems on his website and canvas exams.
  • Depends how good you are at taking notes I guess but I would say no.
  • Depending on how well you take notes and how often you review them, but nope. reviewing notes (to me) are never enough for chemistry exams
  • No. Reviewing notes is definitely necessary but I would go over canvas exams as well.
  • If you rewrite the notes it will help, but just reviewing won’t.
  • Reviewing notes is a great way to help you, but doing practice problems and knowing the ins and outs of each type of problem will be more beneficial. Studying needs to be a mix of reviewing notes and doing practice problems.
  • No. Do sample problems on the website and take advantage of the practice ACS exam in the back of the work book.
  • Depends on how you learn probably so
  • No. need to do a lot of practice problems and go over canvas exams.
  • No, ACS chemistry is brutal and will twist the questions around, a 2-part review going over the conceptuals and math would have been helpful, but reviewing practice problems is a must.