11.0 Exploitation Phase

During this phase, units can exploit a breakthrough or finish off a battered defensive position.

11.0a The only ground units that can move or fight are Exploitation Mode units and units released from Reserve Mode. (Exception: Ground units can use Air Transport per 14.9d.) The phase consists of a Movement Segment (which allows overruns), a Barrage Segment, and a Combat Segment.

11.0b The phasing player can release any Reserves during this phase (5.7b). He is not required to do so and can wait to see how things are proceeding in the phase before releasing additional Reserves. To keep things straight, players can mark released Reserves with Exploit markers. Units actually in Exploitation Mode move only half their MA and released Reserves move their full MA.

11.0c Handle combat (regular, overrun, or barrage) in the Exploitation Phase normally.

11.0d8 The phasing player’s ships and Active aircraft are all eligible to be used in this phase.

Play Note: Having Reserves that can be released in the Exploitation Phase is often the critical factor determining the success or failure of an operation.