16.0 Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs (called “Hogs”) represent field works, wire, mines, and other obstacles that help protect a hex from combat and barrage attacks. Hedgehogs cannot move and never require supply. Hedgehogs are non-combat units, so enemy units can only enter these hexes if they are Attack-Capable. See 9.14e regarding hedgehog capture.

16.0a Hedgehogs come in four levels of increasing quality. No hedgehog can ever exceed Level-4.

16.0b Construction. Hedgehogs can be built or improved only during the Movement Phase. One RE of units, that are in Combat Mode and do not move, can build/improve a Level of hedgehog in their hex. Alternately, an Engineer- Capable unit can do the work (13.8d). The cost is 2 SP.

  • A hex can only have its Hedgehog Level increase by one per turn (such as from none to Level-1). It thus takes four turns and 8 SP to build a Level-4 Hedgehog.

16.0c Reduction. Hedgehogs can be reduced during the Movement Phase only. One RE of units, that must be in Combat Mode and not move, can reduce a hedgehog by one Level. An Engineer-Capable unit can also do the work (13.8d). There is no SP cost.

  • A hex can only have its Hedgehog Level decrease by one per turn (such as from Level-3 to Level-2).
  • Remove a hedgehog reduced below Level-1.

16.0d Combat Effects. A hedgehog aids defensive combat with a die roll modifier equal to its Level (so a Level-3 Hedgehog gives a -3 DRM). A defender’s hedgehog also affects Surprise with a -1 DRM (this does not change by Level).

16.0e AT Effects. Hedgehogs provide Heavy AT (9.4e) to combat units in the hex.

16.0f Reserve Mode units cannot end a phase in a Hedgehog (5.7g).

16.0g There can never be more than one hedgehog in a hex.

16.0h Combat and barrage results never reduce or eliminate a hedgehog.