20.0 Breakdowns

Breakdowns are generic units that are detached from multi -step units, typically infantry divisions. They allow these divisions, which cannot otherwise split up, to occupy more ground. Breakdowns are 1 RE units with either a “Brkdwn” identification or none at all. They are not usually limited to the counter mix (if players don’t mind making extras).

A multi-step unit creates a Breakdown in its hex by detaching one of its steps. Use a Step Loss marker to record this (it is essentially just like a combat loss). Note a unit’s last step can never become a Breakdown.

Multi-step units that are “Armor” or “Mech” (3.2a) are not able to create or absorb Breakdowns. Only “Other” type units may do so.

20.0a Multi-step units can create one or more Breakdowns when they begin to move or to advance/retreat after combat. These are the only times Breakdowns can be created.

20.0b A multi-step unit can only create a Breakdown with an AR equal to or less than its own, and may only absorb a Breakdown with an AR greater than or equal to its own.

20.0c When being created or absorbed, the multi-step unit must have the same “marker & mode” status (such as Low Ammo or DG) as the Breakdown.

20.0d Reduced multi-step units must absorb eligible Breakdowns (within the restrictions of 20.0b and 20.0c) they are stacked with at the end of any phase. This is the only time when Breakdowns are absorbed.

20.0e There is no MP cost to create or absorb a Breakdown, and a Breakdown can move in the phase it is created or absorbed.

20.0f Breakdowns are 1 RE and have one step. They are independent units.

20.0g Generally, all multi-step units of the same nationality use the same pool of Brkdwn counters (the unit type need not exactly match). Note that there are some game-specific exceptions to this.

Specific Game Note: The German pool of infantry-symbol Breakdowns in CASE BLUE and GBII are created and absorbed by all of that nation’s multi-step infantry, jaeger, mountain, SS, and LW divisions. Their security divisions can neither create nor absorb breakdowns. Axis allies— Italians, Romanians, and Hungarians—have their own Breakdown pools, and can neither create nor absorb the German Breakdowns.